Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breaking News: Novelist Michael Peterson Gets a New Trial

I posted on Forbes today about the possibility of Michael Peterson getting a new trial.
Ten years ago this month, New York Times bestselling novelistMichael Peterson murdered his wife Kathleen in the stairway of their home in Durham, North Carolina. He claimed he was sitting by the swimming pool when she went into the house, slipped, fell and died. Forty-five minutes later, he said, he discovered her body.
However, there was one pivotal piece of evidence that made his story a lie... 
Hardly had that post gone live when the news came down.
After many failed appeals, Peterson’s last attempt to have his conviction overturned was successful and he has just been granted a new trial...
Current rumor is that prosecutors won't go forward with a new trial.  Peterson will plead guilty to second degree murder and walk away with time served.  That is a dreadful prospect.  Justice for Kathleen's death  does not mean a mere 8 years behind bars--it should be there for life.  And the prosecutors should do everything they can to insure that happens.

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  1. I can't believe it! Never prosecuted for Elizabeth Ratliff's murder, and now out on bail awaiting a new trial for Kathleen Peterson's did this happen? Those scalp injuries--on both women--tell a terrible story.


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